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Golden Peruvian Tours



Tarapoto is a commercial hub in northern Peru; accelerated population growth, and unplanned urban growth, rural population is engaged in the cultivation of coffee, cacao, rice and export industries. In the territories of San Martin developed ancient pre-Hispanic cultures as the Chachapoyas and then the Incas, leaving a legacy of important archaeological sites like the Gran Pajatén within Río Abiseo National Park, Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site (UNESCO). From Tarapoto can enjoy many of its lagoons and waterfalls where the contact with nature and relaxation will make your visit a great experience. Contact with nature offers unique options for the observation of orchids and birds and a rich flora and fauna particular to the cloud forest zone and opportunities for adventure tourism such as white water rafting, jungle expeditions and treks. The folklore in the area also offers a variety of expressions, crafts, festivals; fine dining and traditional food such as juanes, tacacho with cured meat, cocona and grape juices and exotic liquors. It is almost obligatory visit the native community of Lamas to appreciate their peculiar customs, dress and architecture, people of many myths.


Tarapoto is located at 356 masl in the majestic High Forest.


The climate of the city is semi - dry - warm, (maximum temperature 38.6 ° C and minimum 13.5 ° C)


Lamas Town is located on top of a hill about 1,000 feet high, 22 Km northwest of the city of Tarapoto, has steep streets and its main feature is available in terraces. The legend says that first level its lived by the Chancas (pre-Hispanic culture) that arrived from the south Andean, the second to the mestizos and the third was used as a lookout. Today it retains the division between Indians, lamistas and mestizos, who celebrate their feast and patron saints separately. Although located in the jungle, the town has the structure of the Andean villages, probably the origin of its inhabitants. The Wayku neighborhood is inhabited by Indians descendants of the brave Chancas, who retain their traditional ancestral customs.

Ahuashiyaku Waterfalls

14 km / 9 miles northwest of Tarapoto (30 minutes by car and 15 minutes on foot). This 40 meter / 131 feet waterfall is located iniside Regional Conservation Area Cordillera Escalera, at 465 m.a.s.l. / 1526 f.a.s.l. The water flows over rocks densely surrounded by ferns, orchids, and diverse species of trees. In the surroundings, there are plenty of butterflies, birds, and insects to watch. It has restrooms, souvenir shop and kiosks with carbonated water and beverages. Near the waterfall there is a room to change clothes and a kiosk with drinks and snacks. Access from the entrance is through a path paved with cement and railings.

El Sauce

El Sauce Village is located 50 km south of the city of Tarapoto (2 hours and 30 minutes) and get to it by Fernando Belaunde Terry highway to a point where you take the detour, then the Huallaga river crossingtrimaran from there 16 km of dirt road. The village is located on the shores of El Sauce Lagoon, also known as Blue Lagoon, has basic facilities of restaurants, hotels, small shops and shuttle bus to Tarapoto. The place is surrounded by orchards, pastures planted with corn, beans, plantain, cassava and rice, cattle pastures and forests of high forest. On the perimeter of the lagoon are located accommodations and resorts for tourists and visitors.

El Sauce Lagoon

Also known as Blue Lagoon, is located along the El Sauce village. It covers an area of 350 hectares, and the deepest part is 35 meters / 115 feet. The water temperature varies from 25ºC (77ºF) to 28ºC (82ºF), and the color runs from green to blue. It is the home of herons, common kingfishers, muscovy ducks, eagles, different amphibians, reptiles, and fish. On the perimeter of the lagoon are located accommodations and resorts for tourists and visitors, is an ideal place for practicing water sports, there are canoes, sailboats, jet skis, skis and everything you need for fishing or just for relaxation.

Lago Lindo

2 hours by 4x4 vehicle from the El Sauce Village or 20 minutes by motorboat from the El Sauce Lagoon. It is a private eco-tourist reserve on the southern end of the Blue lagoon. It is composed of two small lakes, Sunicocha, known commercially as Lindo Lake, and Limon Cocha, characterized by its salt water. The beauty of Lindo Lake is typified by the pristine vegetation surrounding it, where a large variety of birds and insects can be found.