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Golden Peruvian Tours



The department of Ancash starts on a slightly hilly coastal strip and climbs up to the highest snow-capped mountains in Peru. Spread out along the Callejon de Huaylas, a dazzling valley stuck between two mountain ranges, the Blanca and Negra Cordilleras, you will find picturesque and pleasant cities like Recuay, Carhuas, Yungay, and Caras, while the urban and commercial center of the area is the capital of Ancash, the energetic city of Huarás. It was between the years 1200 b.C. and 200 b.C. that the Chavín lived in the region, the same that left as their legacy the impressive archeological complex of Chavin de Huantar, which, in 1985, UNESCO placed on the World Cultural Heritage List. Throughout the entire department, you can see the most spectacular snow covered mountains, among them Mount Huascaran (6,768 ma.s.l.), the tallest peak in Peru. In addition, there are hot springs and spectacular lakes as those of Llanganuco; in all, it is an area perfect for adventure sports like white water rafting, mountain climbing, mountain biking, and trekking. The Huascaran National Park, placed on the World Natural Heritage List by UNESCO, guards wildlife species in its beautiful surroundings like condors, vicuñas, deer, pumas, Andean foxes, and viscachas.


Capital: Huaraz (3091 masl / 10.138 fasl)
Lowest point: 4 masl / 13 fasl (Chimbote)
Highest point: 3910 masl / 12.824 fasl (Shilla)


The city of Huaraz has dry and moderate weather with an average maximum temperature of 24ºC (75ºF) and minimum of 7ºC (44ºF). The rainyseasonstarts in October and ends in March.

Callejon de Huaylas

Cities, towns, villages and native communities, like Yungay, Recuay, Carhuaz, and Caraz, where the lives culture, rich in folklore and in the kindness of the people, amid green fields, of multicolored flowers that perfume their atmosphere, the red roofs of their humble houses, make it a place without parallel. Towns in Callejón de Huaylas. Also archaeological places and hot springs.

Chavin de Huantar

09 Km (68 miles) south of Huaraz (3 hours and 30 minutes by car). Archaeological Place. The complex includes ceremonial rooms and pyramidal structures built of massive stone blocks. The Old Temple has a group of subterranean galleries that open an access way to the Room of the Lanzón, an impressive stone knife-like sculpture. Those are the oldest buildings of carved stone in Peru and any other ancient culture did not overcome their highest architectural techniques. Due to this UNESCO considered as a Cultural World Heritage Site.

Llanganuco Lagoon

Also called Chináncocha, beautiful lagoon formed by the thaw of the Huascarán, it is divided in two sectors. Fishing of trouts and beautiful landscapes. In its turquoise blue waters are reflected the snowy peaks of immense mountains. Beautiful view of the Valle del Santa (Santa Valley) and the Cordillera Negra (Black Mountain Range).

Huascaran National Park

Place of incomparable scenic beauty, natural landscapes in which outstand the Cordillera Blanca, and the fauna and flora characteristic of the Andean zone. Due to this UNESCO considered as a Natural World Heritage Site. The park was created in 1975 with the purpose of preserving the wild animal and plant life, geological formations, archeological sites and beautiful scenery. Among the 296 lakes of the park, the most outstanding are Churup, Parón, Culliconcha, Llanganuco, Auquiscocha, Rajucolta, Querococha, and Cuchillococha. It also houses a great diversity of birds and animals such as pumas, deer, Andean cats, and three endangered species, the spectacled bear, the Andean deer, the Andean condor.

Callejon de Conchucos

Is a valley located to east of the Cordillera Blanca with amazing landscapes and Andean towns as Huari, San Marcos and Chavín de Huántar archaeological complex.Chacas town is a well-know for the woodcarving made by its craftsmen.

Churup Lagoon

Located 28 Km east of Huaraz (1 hour and 30 minutes by car) and 4.450 m, beautiful lagoon at the foot of Mount Churup (5.493 m). You reach the town of Pitec or Llupa thence walking for about 2 hours. The lagoon is surrounded by queñuales, quisuares and ichu. Nearby you can see species typical of the Andean fauna as vizcachas, bobcats and various species of birds such as wild ducks. It is one of the most popular hiking and less difficulty from Huaraz.


Small village located 6 Km north of Huaraz. Hot springs, chloride sodium at 49°C, and swimming pools, for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, chronic nerve, paralysis, etc.; Resting place, accommodation for patients. Goodhotels and restaurants setting.